Keeping Your E Cig In Shape

Having a vape or an e cig common today and these handy gadgets can offer you the feeling of smoking without actual cigarettes. They are, however, not nicotine free but they do not have carbon monoxide or tobacco. You can buy these electronic cigarettes for fairly a low price and you can purchase online. When you buy these cigs online, make sure you go for a valid and reliable dealer.electronic-vapes

However, purchasing a good E cig is not always good enough. Even you buy the best vaporizer in world, it will wear down and will stop functioning properly with time. That is why you have to maintain your vape. An electronic cigarette can last a long time if you keep it in good condition. Following tips and tricks will tell you how to keep your vape in shape. To learn more about vaporizers please visit

Battery terminals

As you may already know, these e cigs are powered by a lithium ion battery and these batteries tend to have a good life span. However, if battery terminals are clogged with dirt, these batteries will not function as they should. So make sure you clean those battery terminal with a dry cotton bud to prevent performance reductions. Maintain these batteries clean will increase the lifespan of your cigarette and also it will make sure your battery is fully functional.

Liquid level

Your vape or your electronic cigarette has a component called atomizer and it is responsible for creating the vapor. When liquid level of your vape is below a certain point, this atomizer will not be able to draw that liquid to vaporize. This will cause a dry burn giving you a foul and burnt taste and also, this will burn out your atomizer. There is a level indicator on your vape to indicate the level of e liquid and if you are running out of liquid, you can simply buy ejuice online and refill your vape. There are various types of liquid with a variety of tastes.

Storing properly

You know that you should not store your regular cigarettes in damped places because they need to be stored properly. Just like your regular ones your e cigs have to be stored properly. When you are not using them make sure to keep them upright and away from water. Also they should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Always keep them stored in a place with a low temperature. By following these methods, you can save your cigarette’s clearomizer from being clogged by the liquid. If that happens, your e-cig will have a shorter lifespan and a lower performance.