Creating Versatile Floor Seating For Your Living Room

If you have a small space in your living room where placing a large sofa might make it look more crowded, it is best to opt for other forms of seating. You could have a relaxing armchair in one corner and have stools or a small bench, even a window seat to suffice for seating options in such a space. If your home living room does not need to host formal gatherings, there is no need to look at conventional seating like sofa sets. Furthermore, you could also invest in innovative forms of seats that can be removed and placed as necessary.

Use of floor cushionsThese are large pillows or cushions that are used for lying on the floor. You could use them to watch television or play games. They act as footrests as well. With castle cushions available for extra seating, you could put them to other uses as well and take them out if you have guests. Cushions that are sold as floor cushions are larger and rectangular or square in shape. They have fluffy and large squares in their center where you can rest your feet while you are seated in an easy chair or a sofa.

Stowing and maintenance optionsIf you are wondering where to stow away floor cushions when not in use, there are deflectable designs that you can opt for. These can be reduced or compressed in order to pack them away along with bed linen. This helps resolve the problem of space that even floor cushions can take up when they are not being used. If you are worried about the fabrics of such cushions becoming dirty faster due to placement on the floor, do not worry.

Many floor cushions have covers on them or come of fabrics with a synthetic blend that are easier to dust off and maintain.

Different choices to try out

Stacks of assorted cushions can make your living room look bright and cozy. These are ideal for placing around a coffee table as well. You can choose among a variety of fabrics and blends like leather, vinyl, suede, soft chenille and thicker upholstery fabrics. These come with different textures and prints as well. With such choices you can create a different look for your living room every few months. Shopping for floor cushions can be easy through online stores. You can choose between different sizes, forms, cushion covers, textures and colors. Though floor cushions tend to be more expensive than back cushions or those used for sofas, you can get discount deals at online stores easily.