Art Supplies That An Artist Must Always Have

The world of painting materials is full of colours, sizes and shapes. There are items that need to be used over and over again and some of the material is a personal favourite of the artist. As an artist once you experiment with a few different supplies and get the feel of it, you will only feel comfortable using those particular items. If you go through your box of material, you might find a range of expensive to cheap art supplies Sydney that can be found in almost any art store.

As you experiment and start creating your style of exhibit you will need to continue and make frequent purchases of the most used supplies. If you are new to the world of art you will need to have the following common materials that can be found at many discount art supplies or art frame store:

Graphite pencils

The basic outline of your drawing is made using graphite pencils. It is important for an individual has a few reliable pencils; pencil 2B is ideal for regular sketch and shading, a 4H can be used for light areas of your drawing and 6B pencil are great to great very dark shadows.


An artist should own white and kneaded erasers. Kneaded erasers leave no residue behind and can be kneaded, as its name, can be shaped to erase very tiny areas of drawings that have a lot of shading.


It’s not just regular paper; it is drawing paper than you need to get hold of. There are cheap sketchpads for you to doodle on or there are expensive ones for higher quality drawing.

Painting surface

Once you created a faint line of the drawing you want to paint, you will need to find a suitable flat surface that will help you complete your painting smoothly. If you are using watercolours then you need to get yourself a pre-stretched pad. These pads contain sheets that have already been stretched allowing you to paint without having to do anything yourself.

You can paint using acrylics on a canvas or on acrylic paper. Acrylic paper pads do not take a lot spaces unlike canvas.


A palette to place and mix your painting is important especially when using watercolours and acrylics. These can be found in any grocery to stationary store and can be found in different sizes.


There are three main brushes that you need for acrylics; a filbert, a flat brush and a small liner brush. When it comes to watercolours, a liner, round or a medium or large flat brush is ideal.


This is the most important thing when it comes to painting. There are oil, watercolour and acrylics colours and you use what you feel comfortable with.

Now that you know the basic supplies for a painter, you can starting shopping!